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Rocco Wallo

Born: Edvin Wallo

(legally changed to Ed Wallo)

February 16, 1924

Kingston, PA (near Wilkes-Barre)

Fighting career spanned a decade:

1938-1941  While attending Dallas High School (PA) he started with regional amateur fights; generally 160-pound class. CYO boxing, and such.


Rocco wins 180-lb class while in the U.S. Marines, El Toro Base, CA

1943-1948  Pro fights

in the New York area


Mgr: Jack Toner, St. Albans, NY

Key Accomplishments

As an amateur in the 160-pound class scored five consecutive victories to win the British Gloves Champion 1941 trophy.

For "his outstanding fistic performance" he won the Rudolph Gunther Memorial Trophy at the Manhattan Downtown Atheletic Club by kayoing Ton Calbo

Rocco won the 180-pound Championship of the West Coast U.S.M.C. Air Stations in 1943.

As a pro fighting light-heavyweight saw action in approximately 30 fights including appearances in Madison Square Garden.

Rocco was quoted explaining the absence of cauliflower ears with "...being too good - I didn't get hit."

This website dedicated to Rocco's loving wife of 48 years, Rose Marie (Dee) Rennie Wallo. Dee always supported him including moving as newlyweds 3,000 miles across the country so he could continue his pro fight career.

For Rocco's Alzheimer's Association Tribute website [click here]

Rocco's promotional photo taken near the start of his pro career.

25-second video showing a glimpse of Rocco's "going to the body" style.


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